Increasing pottery supplies @ Chrisitine’s

GRE Essay Topic 760 - The following appeared in a memo to managers of Christine's, a chain of craft stores. "Several major newspapers have recently run articles noting an increased interest in pottery. The number of potters in this country has risen by eighteen percent in the past five years, and pottery is particularly gaining popularity on college campuses. In order to take advantage of these trends, Christine's should immediately begin carrying a larger volume of pottery supplies. Since several of our stores have recently experienced a decrease in sales of painting supplies, all store managers should reallocate shelf space from the painting area for the display of pottery. Stores should display posters showing pottery that is designed to appeal to college-age individuals. These actions will undoubtedly increase our profits dramatically. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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Increasing pottery supplies @ Chrisitine’s

Business in any form be it large or small, be it an MNC or a local convenience store depends on the law of demand and supply.As the demand of a particular good or service increases so should the supply of that particular item to generate maximum profits.
The given passage talks about the instruction given to managers of Christine’s craft shop to increase pottery supplies in their stores to boost sales and profits.
In my opinion the arguments presented in the passage are generally reasonable and well founded.

The memo gave examples of how newspapers have printed stories on increased interests in pottery among people. According to this the stores might profit from having a large inventory of pottery related items which are currently sought after by the public. The second point raised in the memo quantifies the rate of increase in the number of potters in the country which is at 18% in 5 years. This shows a significant increase in the number of people taking up pottery as a profession and justifies the measure to take larger volumes of pottery supplies. As demand for pottery supplies has increased, so should the supply of such items.

We can also infer that pottery is becoming more popular in college campuses and therefore the proposal to use posters to attract college age individuals is logical since it would attract the people who are most likely consumers of pottery related goods. The store management has also noticed a decline in sales of paint supplies across the Christine’ s stores. Therefore, it is suggested to replace painting related goods from shop shelves with pottery items. This measure would increase costs as pottery items would sell faster. It would also ensure effective use of space in shops as most of the items on display would be selling fast and contributing to revenue.

We come to the conclusion that most of the arguments presented in the memo for increasing volume of pottery items in the Christine’s stores country wide are logical and conform to accepted business tactics of demand and supply.

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