The friendship !

TOEFL Essay Topic 62 - What do you want most in a friend - someone who is intelligent, or someone who has a sense of humor, or someone who is reliable? Which one of these characteristics is most important to you? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your choice.

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The friendship !

Friends are very important in our lives. We spend with them most of our free time. A diversity of opinions exists for the quality of a best friend . In my view the quality that a friend should have are described as below :

The most important characteristic a friend should have is to be reliable. A friend who is reliable is there for you for good and bad. In life ,we have many trouble and tension and what we need is a friend who listens and cares for us. For example, I lost my job last year. I found myself in a very critic situation. I didn’t now where to go . I was so desperate. I remember my friend Sandra, came to me and offered her place to live. I felt so release. I took my things and relocated to her house. I stayed there for 3 months until I found another job. She solved me from that situation. As you can see my friend is a sweetheart . If it weren’t for her I don’t now what I would do. She is a treasure .

Another important characteristic a friend should have is also honesty. We give to our friend not only our time but also our pure friendship. I read an article last week about a friendship. It stated that an honest relationship can improve your mood and thus your life. I have a lot of friends but some of them I keep more closely because pf the fact that they are honest. I now for sure that when I ask them for as advice they will bring out that true one , that one that really is the best for you. For instance , when I was looking for a job, I often consulted with my friend Rian. I now he is very clever and honest. He gives good advice that helps you. This experience taught me that honest friends are very helpful .

In sum, friends should have many characteristics to be good friends. The most important for me is their reliable and honest attitude. Everybody should work to have those characteristics for better friendship and a good time.

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