Game teaches about the life

TOEFL Essay Topic 148 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Game teaches about the life

Life mimics the game which is played by the human beings. Games teaches us many things about the life. It gives an idea
about how to lead the life as well as how to bear the responsibilities which comes in our life. It also underscore on the difficulties
and the ways to deals with such circumstances.

First of all, we can learn about how to lead the life from the games . For example, if we play football one of the
team member will lead the game and we all will be supporting him/her to make a goal. From this we can learn how to lead the
member in the work place to get success in our goal and objectives.

Secondly, in the game each and every player has their responsibilities. For example, the goal keeper has to save goal,
defender has to defend and take ball back from opponent , and passers has to pass ball to the person who is in D area to make a goal.
All of them have to do their task given to them to achieve the goal. In the same way we have to take the responsibilities
of the work place as the manager, supervisor and the clerks. If we work in harmony we can achieve our objective.

Last but not least, there may arise some unnatural events; like injury to the player or player may get red card. These are the
situation which we have to deal with and have to be prepared to deal with to compensate the role of the member who is
missing in the game. In same way, we may be alone in the office when our co-worker will take leave. At that situation we
have to perform the task of the mates as well as ours. There may
arise the worst condition like absence of boss in the office.
At that situation we have to apply the strategy of the football game to handle the office.

I want to conclude that,each and every event in the life is related to the game whichwe play in our daily life.
We can correlate our activities with the game to make the life easy. Giving all these example related to the football
I agree with the above mention statement that”playing games teaches us about life”.

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