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GMAT Essay Topic 537 - The following appeared as part of a business plan by the Capital Idea investment firm. "In recent years the worldwide demand for fish has grown, and improvements in fishing technology have made larger catches and thus increased supply possible: for example, last year's tuna catch was 9 percent greater than the previous year's. To capitalize on these trends, we should therefore invest in the new tartfish processing plant on Tartfish Island, where increasing revenues from tourism indicate a strong local economy." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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Merely based on the dubious assumption and unfounded evidence,the author concludes that the capital idea investment firm should invest in the new tarfishing processing plant to gain profit.To substantiate the recommendation,the auguer indicates that the demand for fish is increasing and the techn...

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The argument states that people are not as concerned as they were a decade ago about monitoring his or her intake of red meat and fatty cheeses. Although, the argument has some merit; the argument also has a few essential flaws that could undermine the validity of its conclusion. The introduction of the new House of Beef across the street, does display there may be a trend in more red meat but this does not prove people are not as concerned as they once were. Some of the arguments have key logical flaws and possible mislead assumptions.

First, we have an assumption that states people are not as concerned about his or her consumption of red meat and fatty cheeses. The argument has not stated any numerical values to back his or her point and there is no data to show this trend. Although an introduction of a new beef restaurant could mean the demand is raising for beef, we can not conclude who the consumer for this restaurant is. The author also makes an assumption the Good Earth Cafe has had decreasing sales. With the ideas presented we can not safely come to that conclusion without having an increase or decrease in profit. These are a few of main mislead assumptions that occurred in the argument, there are also key flaws that the author made.

Secondly, the author states the owners of the new beef location are millionaires but the argument does not state whether that is due to this single location or because the owners of the restaurant have a chain of locations. This is valuable information when trying to decide whether this location is striving or failing. The argument also states that the Heart's Delight sells cheese made with high butterfat content, but we do not know if there are other health benefits to this product. It may be able to be proven that butterfat cheese is a healthier alternative to other types of cheeses. These flaws are not a determent to the authors conclusion but if he or she could give more information to back up the statements made it would allow a stronger conclusion.

In conclusion the argument has merit in its claims, but without additional information the reader can not safely come to the conclusion that the author wants the reader to come to. The author has key flaws and illogical assumptions in his or her case. Some of these missed assumptions are believing that the trend of people consuming more red meat and cheeses is sufficiently proven with an additional beef restaurant location opening up. The argument may have a case if they are able to prove some of the above flaws and assumptions to be true.

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