TOEFL Essay Topic 703 - Do you agree with the following statement? Good teachers are more important to a child's development than good parents. Use specific details to support your argument.

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Some people might contend that studying and playing is more recommendable for children than helping their parents with the household chores. Others might argue that the opposite is true. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to substantiate their assertions. For the following reasons, in my opinion, it is more important for kids to study and play than to help their fathers and mothers with household tasks. First, youth should focus on studying and playing especially during cognitive development phase; second, household chores can be learned when children become adults.

Most importantly, reading books, gaining new knowledge and playing around with friends are all greatly essential for children to develop their brain functions. For example, the University of Tokyo recently issued a research showing that from 5 years old to 15 years old is most crucial stage of cognitive development. The research recommends that those who in that age range spend more time in studying and playing outside. If a child fail to develop his or her cognitive function during this sweet spot, it is extreamely difficunlt to catch up later in life. Therefore, I am certainly convinced that children should not waste time by helping their parents jobs but study and play.

In addition, it is not too late to learn household chores when children become age over 18 years old. It is thereby not so vital for children to help their parents with household stuffs. This is exemplified by my personal experience. I lived with my family in Tokyo, Japan, until I was enrolled to the University of Britich Columbia in Vancouver Canada at the age of 18. I decided to live in an apartment adjacent to the university, and it was my first time to live alone. I first found tough to do everything by myself such as washing dishes, cooking by myself and cleaning up all the rooms. However, I soon learned how to manage those tasks and I had no problem to do everyday chores since then. My story indicates that household chores are easy to master, thus children do not have to learn them but must focus on something more important for their future such as studying and playing.

It is true that helping their parents can teach a lot to children. However, I would say kids should focus on something more essential. For the reasons cited above, my strong contention is that it is much better for children to pay attention on studying and play than on helping their parents with household tasks.

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