parson city

TOEFL Essay Topic 19 - Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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parson city

Whether there is any quality difference between the value of the town toward their education in public was to be answered by the above claim. However, there are certain things which stated in the argument, but without sufficient information. Therefore before deciding upon the issue, we should consider these gaps at first.

The first problem with the argument is that it claimed that Blue City has spent less money on education without telling us exactly how much bigger the two cities are and how big their budgets are. Though the numbers of residents are almost the same, we don’t know the number of students there. We can’t rule out the possibilities that Parson city has unusually high number of students. If it happens so, then that number “twice” should not be taken by literally. There can be just twice more students. Besides that, it can be the case that economic development in the second town is not as high as that of Parson. If that’s the case, it can even be the case that share of the expense for education in total expenditure of the government of Blue is larger than Parson’s. Therefore, without knowing the general volumes available in the systems, we can’t compare the priorities of two different places.

Secondly, the argument states somehow more money spent, more care is provided. Though in terms of the number of citizens the budget may be larger in the first town, we can’t say it’s striving more to sate with better education. As a matter of fact, the larger budget could imply inefficiency in the system. There are many examples in real life of the cases of corruption in the system so that money is spent nowhere and mysteriously disappear.

Despite the argument’s flaws, the writer can significantly strengthen his point by providing information about the quality of education in two towns. If it will be the case that the quality of education in Parson town is really better than the other, then we will have some evidence in support of monetary effect on education. For the valuing the education more should be considered in the context of budget share.

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