Better parents than teachers

TOEFL Essay Topic 703 - Do you agree with the following statement? Good teachers are more important to a child's development than good parents. Use specific details to support your argument.

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Better parents than teachers

Some people argues that good teachers are more important to a child’s development than good parents. From my expierences, I don’t agree with it. Why? Because parents stay with the child much longer a day than the teachets and can’t be replaced while the teachers can.

Firstly, parents stay with their child much longer than the teachers. Usually there can be more than six to eight courses each semester at school, which means one child may meet more than six different teachers one day, leaving each of them only less than one hour to talk with. While at home, parents stay with the child for over fourteen hours during the day and night. They just can’t expect a one-hour talk changing their child completely. The longer time they stay with the child, the more influence they create on the child.

Secondly, teachers can be arranged to teach other classes, but the parents are your parents through all the lifetime. For example, I used to make good friends with my chemical teacher when I was in high school. We exchanged ideas about the school life and the study of other courses. She was really nice to me. But when I graduated from the high school, we don’t stay together any more and do not have the same expierence, which caused nearly nothing to be talked about. Otherwise, my parents come up with me every phase of my life. We expierence so many happy and sad memories that we can hardly stop talking and sharing thoughts with each other.

To sum up, I’d like to say that good parents are much more important to a child’s development than good teachers.

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