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TOEFL Essay Topic 86 - If you could go back to some time and place in the past, when and where would you go? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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Although the lives of people have become more and more convenient with rich sources of food and other things, people are actually becoming less happy with their lives than people in the past. The fact that they have much more things to pursue and much more work to do makes them less satisfied and happy with their present situation.

Firstly, due to the fast development of the world, new inventions have been made almost every day. Thus, people have a lot more to pursue than in the past which makes them harder to be satisfied. Take cell phone as an example, there are new and better versions announced almost every month. People change their phone frequently to obtain more convenience and entertainment also to compare with each other. This abuse of cell phone at last end up in a waste of money and unhappiness.

Furthermore, with the need of money and status to achieve what they want, people have to work harder. Also, because of the growth of population, the competence in work have become more and more brutal. Quite a lot of people are used to overtime working now. They don’t have time to entertain, to take a vacation or to spend some time with their family because all they can do is to repeat their work. While in the past, without the advance in technology, most people just have to finish their daytime job like farming or cooking etc. and would be able to enjoy at least a peaceful evening with family.

Nevertheless, the development of industry and agriculture etc. have still brought advantages to people and make their lives happier and more colorful. The invention of TV, computer and phone, for example, have made it easier for people to obtain new information and to contact with people far away from them. Even if, a person is at the other side of the world, he would still be able to see the faces of his friends and families and release himself from nostalgia. Despite of this, the different kinds of electronic games have really fulfilled the spare time of people. The convenience brought by new technologies makes it possible for people to accomplish more in their lives.

In conclusion, the development of the society has brought some advantages to people’s lives, and make them happier at some situation. Nevertheless, the stresses and competences have also been caused by the development of the world. The disadvantages, I believe, have overall surpassed the benefits which eventually make the world less happy and satisfied.

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