A comprehensive measure should be taken when saving species

GRE Essay Topic 408 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Societies should try to save every plant and animal species, regardless of the expense to humans in effort, time, and financial well-being."

Author: DeerSong | Date: April 14, 2016 | Score:5.5

In the dispute that whether we should save endangered species, some people hold the belief that we must protect every species without considering the expense in efforts, time and financial well-being. Indeed, protecting species can maintain or even enrich the diversity of ecosystem and database o...

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Whether students in university should take various courses not in their major fields could be a hotly debated question. In my opinion, I agree with the statement for the reasons as follows.

Some might argue that students would not have enough time to study the subjects in their majors, if they invest lots of time doing research or discussions on other kinds of courses outside their majors. True, everyone only has 24 hours a day. If you choose to do a certain task, then we are not able to do another test at the same time. Exploring the knowledge in other domains might squeeze the time for students to concentrate on their majors, and might somehow influence their academic performance.

However, pursuing knowledge broadly can help us increase our competitiveness. Nowadays, wherever we are, we might need to deal with people from different academic backgrounds, values, and countries. If we can have better understanding of the knowledge in other fields, we can communicate with others in much easier ways. For example, in my company, I needed to work with a designer on a project where we were about to launch new products. During the meeting, we talked about lots of ideas of how we wanted to present our ideas. Although it involved some terminology in art, i could understand the basic concepts and gave my feedback directly, thanks to the art course i took back into the college. Without taking the art class, we might spend lots of time defining terminologies.

Moreover, one of the purposes that we need to get educated is people want our lives to be more colourful. To that end, they need to attend different kinds of courses from their own. Throughout the process, people would be able to explore some philosophical questions, such as who they are, and who they want to be in the future by getting constant stimulus from other fields. For instance, when I was in the college, I took a computer science class, even though I was a student in business school. In the course, I realised the power and the possibility of combing business and computer science together to solve problems for people. To be more specific, some people might want to know when they would be more advantageous to book airplane tickets. In that course, we build a project that notifies people the offer from the airlines when the ticket price is below what they set. Consequently, people can buy the ticket at a very affordable price.

In conclusion, although taking courses outside people's field might cost them some of their precious time, it would be worthwhile doing so if they can be more competitive and enjoy more colourful life.

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