Eating at home vs. eating outwards

TOEFL Essay Topic 13 - Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Eating at home vs. eating outwards

Groceries and eating them is one of the most important factor in our life. And therefore it is no surprise that there are many negotiations about food and where and how to eat it. Some people prefer eating outwards at restaurants and food stands, while other prefer eating at home. Prepare and eat food at home is more preferable because it is healthy, interactiv and it saves money.

First of all prepare, cook and eat your food at home is very good for your health. People who cook at home often use fresh vegtebales and meat. When you cook and dine fresh food you know there are no chemicals or flavour enhancers in it. These days so many recipies for every type of person exists. For example for people who have allergies, or for people who want to eat and live low carb and so on. That means cooking for your own brings much variety and you also know the nutritious you are use or do not use. It is on you, you decide “what’s on the table”.

Another advantage when you dine at home is that the preparation and the cooking could be interactive and funny. You can celebrate the cooking with your family or your friends. While you do cooking you can chat and communicate with your partners, that is good for your social life. Moreover you can be very creativ and try new things with special exotic food and ingredience. That could be very funny. Another thing is that you do something with your own hands, you are active and not lazy. For that you can see the later results on your plate, that could make you happy and proud.

Furthermore cooking and eating at home lower your costs. Eating outwards in a restaurant or a food stand everyday could be very expensive. When you cook at home you do not have that costs. Of course you have to pay money for your ingredients, but these are one-off costs. When you have a special spices for example you buy it one time, but you can use it several times. It is also possible to plan a dish for several days, so your costs and effort are one-off but you can eat the result the next days either.

All in all prepare, do cooking and eat at home is very positiv for your health condition, your social and creative competences and also for your financials. Are you hungry now? So go out buy your fresh ingredients and then start cooking at home.

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