why groups are important in our life

TOEFL Essay Topic 170 - Groups or organizations are an important part of some people`s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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why groups are important in our life

Over the last decades, the issue of whether or not groups or organizations have an important role in people life has aroused a great deal of controversy within scientific community and never become consensus, in other word it was one of the hottest questions under contention and becomes cause celebre. On the one hand, some hold the belief that people’s lives should not be successful without groups. On the other hand, most experts are of the opinion that groups do not have major role in their life. The choice is nevertheless, a little perplexing. However, I shall agree that group is one of the most critical items in people’s life sounds more rational and logical.

One and maybe the foremost convincing argument in favor of the usefulness of groups and organizations is that increasing the people efficiency. To illuminate this point, here is a very persuasive instance, people in a team usually have share goals, and communicate with each other to have better achievements, so because of these communications with cooperation groups are more efficient.

Another compelling argument that bolsters and substantiates my vantage point is that groups or organizations help people to know their duties. The following example presents in order to indicate this point, I work in an organization which everybody has a position and each position has specific duties. So that, because of the appropriate structure of my organization everything is well organized.

In a nutshell, taking everything into a careful account and by scrutinizing pros and cons, I’m inclined to believe that the importance of the groups and teams is undeniable because of the efficiency improvement and separation of duties which are explained above.

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