Influence of friends!

TOEFL Essay Topic 114 - Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

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Influence of friends!

In my opinion, I am agree with the statement that ‘ Friends are the most influence on young adults’. I think that Friends are the one who plays a major role for young adults and positive influence. My argument for holding this opinion is based on following three reasons.

In the first place, We know that friends are the very important part in our life. Everyone willing to stay with them for their entire life. So, Since born to upbringing of the children they have been cared under their parents, but after that they have to contact with outer world and challenges. Young people must have to learn some good habits from their friends. This stage helps them to develop their sense of humor and how to treat with other people. This kind of maturity only friends can easily teach them or they learn by themselves.

Second, Knowledge sharing is also an important aspect for adults. Nowadays competition among young adults is very high. If they hang out with friends that means they are sharing knowledge and learning how to live a good life. To say the truth, conversation is quite helpful than reading a books. Fiends can be helpful in sport activity and other skill development field. For example, Nowadays my college friends are teaching me band and other musical instruments. When it is an exam, Meanwhile I can get help from friend in group study and study materials. So, It is good to be with friends for adults for their own development in many ways.

Last but not least, As the generation has been changing day to day, Young adults should be compatible with technology and they have to cope up with many difficulties. Adults need to develop great horizon. As we know, some peers are major in their special area of interest. So be with them means we can gain diversity of knowledge, explore our mind and experiences. In addition, they are taking good cares of their family, friends and even environment as well. Nevertheless, family member are influencing for adults because they have lots of experience about life, but after teen age they need to be self dependent.

To sum up all these things, we can conclude that, friend are very useful aspect in development and influence young adults. In the end family member would proud in adults after showing them on their success stage.

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