Technology now and than

IELTS Essay Topic 1040 - Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?

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Technology now and than

In this Globalization, Technology is playing vital role. New technologies are making human life easier. We have seen drastic change in technology in past few years. People are getting adapted to new technology. In my view I would like to say modern technology make life more easier but in some scenarios we feel life was better when it was simpler. Below I’ll be discussing on how the life is more comfortable with new technology and how it was when Technology was not grown

Technology had made great positive influence on people. Technology has made life easier.There is tremendous changes happening due to technology. Technology has captured the whole world. Current generation are more dependent on technology. Doctors, Students, Police ,Researchers all the departments are getting the benefit of technology.With the use of technology we are able to forecast our future. The life expectancy of people are becoming better,there are no more painful surgeries. Students don’t have to sit under four walls to learn,no more teacher words are final. With the technology we are able to globalization more businesses which is heading toward the economy. Growth of the nation with technology

With development of technology there is no much bond among the family. People with in the family are more dependent on technology every one will be busy in their life with TV, Computer, Mobile etc. though the technology has developed to the level where we can commute to any place in few hours we tend not to make use of it. When technology was simple children use to travel to meet their parents but today the technology video calling have replaced those days. with the development there is place for more unemployment before the computers were introduced In Banks the man power was more with implementation of ATM , On-line transaction there is lay off.

To put it in Nutshell, Today’s technology is more comfortable comparing to previous year. People life has become easier, time saving, growing with the technology.

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