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IELTS Essay Topic 989 - The benefits of computers to modern society far outweigh the disadvantages. Discuss.

Author: li ming | Date: February 5, 2016 | Score:5.5

The computer has been regarded as one of the greatest innovation in the 20th century. some people praise its enormous merits while others condemn it worsening the life. we will discuss this topic in this essay. the benefits of computers are apparent. the primary advantage it bring us is that i...

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Computer, a double edged wipon Score: 4.5 January 10th, 2017 by Safaa

Whenever we mention the word computer, we feel at ease and more likely to be happy doing whatever should be done using this incredible facilitative hardware. On the other hand computer is seen to be the invention that caused many problems and diseases as well as laziness and mental retardation.

In fact computer really makes things much easier, jobs, systems, data organisation and transfer, every single report or task,or whatever is to be done, needs computer. The broader the computer is used, the smarter the life becomes.

On contrary, a computer causes many bad side effects to one's health. It deteriorates the back bone intensively when working for a long periods . As well the eye problems due to it's usage. Although many people find these things to be trivial considering the great advantage of a computer, it still threatens it's users lives whether they noticed the threats or not. Children as well are a real victim of using computers for even a short period of time continuously as it sharply causes direct side effects that harm their concentration, nervous system and their entire body.

In conclusion, modern life nowadays is really very easy compared to the days before computerization , the society depends on data that's kept within the boundaries of such an equipment that can be restored within a second. Nevertheless, it is the main cause of mental deterioration in kid's abilities as well as separating the one family into enclosed rooms with no wireless connection in between. in addition to physical bad impact on the users' health.

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