Young children sport activities

TOEFL Essay Topic 130 - Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Author: atabak | Date: December 19, 2015 | Score:5

Sports and sport activities impact on health of a human is a hot discussion of scientists nowadays. But, most of scholars results prove the benefit of sports on health. There are many researches on how should be the intensify of sport activity. Where also, they put research effort on both advanta...

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Information Score: 4.5 October 26th, 2017 by KK

In today's world, we are surrounded by overerlming amount of information, and it often causes a discussion how far we should chase the information. Some people say that it is extremely important for us to follow what is going on around the world, while others say that chasing too much news can waste our time. From my perspective, I disagree with the idea that we shall keep up with all events happening around the world no matter where the event occurs. In this essay, I will explain my idea by describing two perspectives.

To begin with, in current era, there is too much information around us, including a lot of news which have nothing to do with our ordniary life. Trying to keep up with all those information can sometime simpley disturb our life. Based on my own experience, I often regret spending too much time reading news articles. When Donald Trump was elected as a president, I was enthusiastic in gathering his information, including some gossips, while most of the articles are not at all important for my job nor my private life. However, I could not stop searching him, since there is too much information on the internet and there was no limit. After a month chasing for Donald Trump, I suddenly realized and regretted how much time I spent reading those tribial articles. In this way, if we try to follow topics around the earth including those which do not relate to our own life, we can easily waste our precious life time.

Some people might argue that it is important to grab what is happening around the world, since the world is small and connected, and things which seem to have no relation to our life might indeed be connected to our lives. Nevertheless, I cast doubt on this opinion, because if the news is actually relates to our life, those extremely important news will jump into us, through messages from family, news headlines in morning show or even short messages of news letter. Thanks to this small world, everybody can reach to the same amount of information, and although ourselves are not aware of it, someone around us defenitely notice us if there is any important happenings occur which has a close relationship to us. When a terror attack has happened at the train station close to my house in France, the first notification I got about this news was from my mother living in Japan. Since the attack happened late night in France, my mother in Japan received the information earlier than me, and made a phone call to me during and let me know about the news. I believe that the same thing happens to anyone else. Therefore, I believe that although you do not chase information by yourself, someone around you will defenitely tell you if something important to your life happens.

In conclusion, I oppose to the idea that the people have to know about the events all around the world by themselves. If we try to chase news, we can waste our times because there is too much information, and even thought we do not follow it by ourselves, someone around us will surely tell us, thanks to the development of information technology.

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