What would my friend like or dislike in my city.

TOEFL Essay Topic 24 - A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

Author: ElenaZ | Date: December 17, 2015 | Score:5

There are many question arise when people plan to move in new place like city or town. Therefore, it is very important to give them all information that they get more real picture about this place and meet their expectations or requirements. I would like to show them both sites where I am living....

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New town experience Score: 4.5 May 1st, 2017 by yk

Should I move to another new place or be stable in the same town or country? There is no shortage of debate about whether it is better to transfer different town or not due to the loss of old social connection. In fact, one could argue those are the only two major choices a person has with the movement. In my assessment, I agree with the idea that people move to the new city instead of remaining in their town.

First and foremost, the movement to new city helps keep in contact with old friends by making use of new technologies. In the past, when people moved to another city, it was difficult to talk with friends who they met in previous town, because sending letter was the only tool to keep in touch with them. In contrast, an emergence of Internet allows us to talk easily and directly with people living in a different country by means of Internet applications. My own experience demonstrates this concept. When I was a high school student, my family decided to transfer from Japan to Bolivia because my father promoted to the president in branch of the company. I had lived there for almost three years but connection with friends I got acquainted in middle school never fed out. This was because I was able to contact with them by utilizing Skype every day. Without taking advantage of such the technology, I would have lost all of the old friendships that I built in junior high school. For this reason, I strongly believe that movement to unfamiliar venue does not have negative influence on old social connections.

On top of that, the new city provides opportunity to know different kinds of view. If people just stuck with one place to live, they could not dramatically expand their social networking. It is, however, more important to listen and exchange opinions between people from different walks of life in order to broaden their horizon for the future. For instance, when I was high school student I had never traveled overseas, so I became uninformed about how other people live and thought all New Yorkers were cold minded. After I moved to the United States for half a year due to my father’s job, nevertheless, I found that they have a variety of opinions and how warm they are. As a result of this, I strongly believe that people should hesitate to move to another places to know the different perspective and broaden my horizon.

In conclusion, it is more advantageous to live in new city, rather than to keep in the same city. This is because technologies allow people to keep in touch old friends. Besides, the new place gives the opportunity to learn various standpoints which expand their horizon.

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