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GRE Essay Topic 785 - The following proposal was raised at a meeting of the Franklin City Council. "Franklin Airport, which is on a bay, is notorious for flight delays. The airport management wants to build new runways to increase capacity but can only do so by filling in 900 acres of the bay. The Bay Coalition organization objects that filling in the bay will disrupt tidal patterns and harm wildlife. But the airport says that if it is permitted to build its new runways, it will fund the restoration of 1,000 acres of wetlands in areas of the bay that have previously been damaged by industrialization. This plan should be adopted, for it is necessary to reduce the flight delays, and the wetlands restoration part of the plan ensures that the bay's environment will actually be helped rather than hurt. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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The argument makes a number of assumptions regarding the notoriety of the Franklin airport for its delay. The author suggests that the delays are being caused because of less area under the airport authority. For this the authority has taken permissions for the filling of the bay nearby airport. ...

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The above argument is flawed for a number of reasons. Fundamentally, the argument makes unjustifiable presumptions regarding the airport managements proposed plan to reduce flight delays, which in terns render the main conclusion, that the plan should be adopted, highly suspect. In fact, if these implicit assumptions do not hold true, the argument will be seriously undermined.

The argument assumes that, the flight delay entirely depends on how spacious or large the runway of the airport. However, flight can be delayed for many reasons. For one, the Franklin city may notorious for bad and unpredictable weather. As a result, the flights can't take off on schedule. Even if, the Franklin city has an auspicious weather, the flight can also be delayed for the mismanagement of the airport administration.

The argument also leaves may other unwarranted questions. Though, the airport provide fund for restoring the 1000 acres of damaged wetland by industrialization, it is highly suspect whether this land can actually be restored. Even if the wetland is restored, the new runways may be built by filling the 900 acres of most fecund and populated part of the bay which is not able to be shifted to another place. Nonetheless, the argument bluntly assumes that the plan will not hamper the wildlife as well as the tidal pattern. Until, it provides some indisputable information about how the wildlife of that place is shifted harmlessly to the newly restored area, the conclusion is skeptical.

As, the argument is based on several unwarranted assumptions, it fails to make the convincing case that the plan will reduce flight delay as well as won't be harmful to the bay environment.

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