Be your-self

TOEFL Essay Topic 148 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Be your-self

Everyone have their own ability and everyone are unique, and our species ,human,who have more than a million year history, enhance our skills by thinking different and personality diversity. It leads our humans’ civilization evolution. So, if we want to be a special guy , we need to take a different step , and the first step is to find a work different from your parents’ .

First, work own you own choice can motive yourself to berry in the job you take. The reason is that your love the job you take, so that you can spend more time in your job and you can get much more information on your job. Then you could have a deeper understanding of the project you are in.We all know that the knowledge we have more in a thing, we could do better and faster than others who didn’t as skillful as you .

Second, working on the job you choice can lead a diversity social world. In other words, we could have many jobs to take, which would bring more opportunities to world. More job could be selected and more genius could be found, who might be ignored before because there are no position for them in the job selection.

Third, and the most important aspect is we can improve our independence. If a child who need to find his own job, he need to spend more time in searching and studying .He need to find the skill he need to learn and find a company he need to get in, and all of this hard work that he need to deal with only can rely on his own. But this is a very good opportunity to enhance his independence on dealing things.

So conclude to this all advantage of selecting a job by themselves not fowling the parents’ way could test our own ability in future life and our limits in working.Though there would be some difficulty at first, the benefits of independence and motivation could let us omit the disadvantage

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