TOEFL Essay Topic 109 - When people move to another country, some of them decide to follow the customs of the new country. Others prefer to keep their own customs. Compare these two choices. Which one do you prefer? Support your answer with specific details.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, human beings have always followed rule which bring them a number of benefit. One of the most important condition that can provides people with a significant advantages is travilling around the world. Considering the proposed issue which has engndered a lot of controversies among a broad spectrum of people and groups, various people hold different perspectives due to their own sentiments and notions. Regadless of their positive or negative attitude toward this subject, I claim that the best way of travel is provided when a tour guide lead us to visit different place. In this regards there are several compelling arguments which can advocate my viewpoint. However, the most important ones will be alluded hereunder.

The most pursuasive argument is that one decides to travel and chooses to be in a tour guid, he or she can save a lot of time. This is mainly because a guidence would help him to visit different places. As all we know, a gudience, in a tour guide, leant about all the needs of a person in travel. He or she can provides people with a lot of information about a place that one could not gain without a tour gudience. As a consequence, travel can miss its meanings and people can not have fun during their traveling. by way of illustration, consider two person that one of them travels with a tour guid and the other travel by his or her own. the first one can visit more places, indeed the beautiful ones. However, the second person can visite just a few places owing to his or her aknowledge about the visting places. It is crystal clear that the first one can have more fun during his or her vacation.

The reasons for holding that standpoint are not restricted to the ones mentioned above. Indeed, this idea can be examined from an economic from an economic perspective. As all we know, money has played a substantial role in human welfare and we should save our money as much as possible. the importance of this issue is rising according to the economic recession which is commonplace in most of countries. By traviling with a tour guid, we can save much more moeny that otherwise. This is mainly becuase the guidance of a tour guide knows where people can buy cheap an valuable things in other countries. As a consequence people may spend less money on buying good. An example from my own experience may shed some light in this point. I recall two years ago, I and my uncle decieded to travle to China. I traveled with a tour guide and my uncle traveled by himself. When we came back to our country, we showed each other the goods which we bought during our vacation. For the same products, which was a cell phone, my uncle bought that products for more the 50$ than me. Because he did not know where he should have gone for buying cheap product.

To sum up, based on the aforementioned reasons and arguments. I hold the view that traveling with a tour guide can contribute to a number of benefits. Regarding this, to recapitulate, When one travles with tour guid, he or she not only visit more beautiful places but he or she also can save more money.

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