Parents volunteer

GRE Essay Topic 282 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The worldwide distribution of television programs and advertisements is seriously diminishing the differences among cultures."

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Parents volunteer

Parents’ participation in their children’s lives is absolutely crucial. Not only need parents to take care of their children’s education, but they also are responsible for helping and supporting the letters in everyday life. The recommendation to require parents to get voluntarily engaged in the activities of their children’s schools may be beneficial to the schools, but it is not advantagous in many ways. There are much more important things that parents should spend their time on. Certainly, any kind of assistance from parents should be accepted and appreciated by schools. However, it is not reasonable to demand it from all of them.

First of all, parenthood already assumes many tough responsibilities. Many parents have several children who attend different schools. In case they are required to voluntarily devote some time to the schools of all of their children, they will not even have time for working and engaging in some other important activities. Moreover, even if they have free time, they should rather spend it on treating their children and preparing them for the society. This way they will contribute to schools even more by improving the intelligence and social behavior of their children. This will positively affect students’ academic performance and social activity. As a result, the reputation of any school will be boosted.

Additionally, many parents already contribute significantly to their children’s schools. Some of them are benefactors of schools, others are members of of different academic or social committees. Even those who are not engaged in this type of activities, also contribute to proper functioning of schools. A consistently increasing number of schools require tuition fees, so many parents have to pay for the education of their children. This already is a huge burdeon on parents’ shoulders as it behooves them to concentrate even more on their work in order to deal with financial matters. Certainly, every parent wants the best for his or her children, especially for those with extraordinary abilities. However, in order to get them enrolled at top schools with high level of education parents should be able to not only pay very high tuition fees, but also cover some additional expences, such as money needed for extracurricular activities. Definitely, schools will benefit from this both financially and academically.

While some may argue that social activities are an important part in every school’s curriculum, it does not necessarily mean that parents should get engaged in social activities. It would be much more efficient to involve children themselves. This would allow students to become full members of their schools by voluntarily participating in various activities. Furthermore, that would be beneficial for children as well, as social activity is really valued for any kind of university or job application nowadays. This certainly would be a better recommendation as both schools and children with their parents would benefit from it.

In conclusion, parents should not be required to spend some additional time in their children’s schools and voluntarily support their activities. There are much higher priorities for parents. Moreover, many of them already contribute to the development of schools financially. Finally, it would be a better initiative to require students to volunteer some additional time to their schools.

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