TOEFL Essay Topic 7 - How do movies or television influence people`s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Nowadays, it is commonly accepted that television has bad influences on children. Contrary to this popular belief, there are still those who argue that television amuses children and they have a lot of fun with different TV programs. I, to a great extent, believe that television is bad for children.

First and foremost, kids and children should communicate with each other, and they should learn how to behave in society. They should go outside and play games, go to park and talk to their friends, they should make strong friendships, and television is taking the chances from them. Today, most children are sitting for hours in their houses, watching TV programs and they are not among their friends. A child who do not have lots of friendships and do not know how to communicate with other people will probably have problems in his future life.

Another significant fact that should be taken into consideration is that there are lots of TV programs that are not suitable for kids, action and harsh scenes are being showed every day in television and parents are not able to forbid their children from watching them. These movies are affecting the children’s minds and behaviors, and sometimes it changes their personality. A kid cannot understand what behaviors are wrong and he wants to act like movie characters, felons and bad people, he changes his speaking words and fights with his friends to prove that he is stronger.

Finally yet importantly, children should go outside and play soccer, volleyball, basketball and other physical plays to be healthier. They sit in front of television and they do not have enough physical activities, and these behaviors are a kind of illness for society. The number of heart diseases in old people is growing and lots of people have heart problems, and all of these problems originated in their childhood. In the past centuries when televisions have not been spread yet in community people were healthier and the hospitals were less crowded.

On the basis of the points mentioned above, I am convinced that television is bad for children because children should go outside and learn how to communicate with each other. In addition, TV programs have bad influence on children’s behaviors, and children need physical activities to be healthier, they should go outside and play games.

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