TOEFL Essay Topic 131 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Fame, money and sucess these there word are daily heard .Being a seccessful person is a desirable need . However, what dose success mean?? Some people think success is about earning money .Others have other meanings beyond success. In my opinion, success is considered with the following two important factors.

Sucess is to get thousand ways to accomplish your dreams. You are considered a dreamer when you imagine something and try to live in it only inside of your mind. While you are a successful person when you try to make a lot of plans to turn your dreams into a new reality .For example, Edison’s mom faced a ot of problems when she had a surgery without light .Therefore, this tragedy encourged him to think about something could help the whole humanity. He was thinking about how to create the light , but he didn’t keep it as ideas , he actually attemped to make them real untill he succeed.

Also, success is to build a good relationship with people whom you work with . God create us as a socity not us one person to know each other , to work with each other , to build the earth and make it better . To have good relationships with whole people is a really great and difficult thing beceause you need to know each’s one attitude and how to deal with it and only that considered success.

In brief, success has various synonyms than earning money and each one has his/er own meanings .It could be money for some .It could be relationships for others . However , as long as what you want related to will , this considered success .

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