The mystreious serise

TOEFL Essay Topic 75 - Some universities require students to take classes in many subjects. Other universities require students to specialize in one subject. Which is better? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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The mystreious serise

Since the universities played an important role in our life, discussions about their eduational system have been increased. Some people perfer to take classes in different areas.While, others express preferance to specialize in one subject . From my standpoint, i think taking classes in many subjects is better for many reasons. Most improtant are : it evolves our knowledge and skills , and it indicates to one of the traits of our universe .

First of all, studing many subjects helps us gathering information from different areas. If you study in different subjects, that will give you tips of having more knowledge than other people which we’ll help you in your life . For instance, if you have been in a problem which is not related to your major and you have not got a background about it , you won’t be able to solve it or get over it. You’ll be stuck with it unless you get some helps from others.

The main reason of my propensity is that taking different classes is one of the traits of our univrse which is completion . Our univerise is a serise of mystrious steps whenever you discover one , you’ll find the key for the others. Similarity to subjects , each one is related to an other one and by completing the whole circle , you’ll get one of the cores of our universe. That why most of the scientists are sepcailize in more than one subject. For example, Ibn sina was sepcializes in medicine , philosophyand poetry.

In conclusion, taking different classes will give us the opportunity to look to the life out the box , will make us more effective in our community and will help us devolp our universe and our lovely earth.

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