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TOEFL Essay Topic 26 - It has recently been announced that a new movie theater may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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movie theater

Some people will say that a new movie theater in our neighborhood would be a bad thing.
However, I fully support the plan to build one. I feel that a movie theater would bring more
opportunities for recreation, reduce teenage delinquency, and lead to several improvements in the

As it stands, there is little to do in my town. There are no parks here, and there is certainly no
nightlife. Additionally, the nearest movie theater is more than thirty minutes away. That is
inconvenient for everyone here. Many movies end late at night. Who wants a long drive home at
11:30p.m. or midnight?

Building a new movie theater here will reduce juvenile delinquency. Like everyone else, teens
here are bored. They need activities to keep them busy and out of trouble. The jobs that the
theatre will provide will help teens, too. We need more businesses that are willing and eager to
employ young people.

Overall, the new theater will bring many improvements to the town. For example, it will help
other businesses. That is because the movie theater will attract customers from neighboring towns.
Those neighbors do not have a reason to come to this town now. However, if they are coming
here for a movie, they will be more likely to stay here to shop. If we get more visitors, we’ll need
better roads. While this may be costly, it will also make travel easier for people living here. We
will be able to get around faster. Safety will be improved with the new roads, because they will be
in better condition than many that we have now.

I believe that our town needs a new movie theater. Again, I support it fully. I hope that others in
our community will join me to convince residents and local government.

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