To be the leader of a group

TOEFL Essay Topic 138 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to be a member of a group than to be the leader of a group. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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To be the leader of a group

When staying in a group, two types of positions seem always in contrast, those are leader and member. When it comes to whether to be a leader or a member in a group, my choice is a leader without doubt when taken the following details into account.

First and Foremost, the leader is the most proper position for one willing to level up his/her capacity. It’s apparent that the leader in one group always has the most burdensome work to do. An appropriate leader should take aware of everyone’s ability and emotion in the group, point out a plan, arrange the schedule, distribute tasks for every member in that group, etc. While such a large deal of work is waiting for a leader, obviously, it necessitate strong ability. In a word, if one is inclined be a proper leader with large deal of sweat paid, after the experience of being a leader he could gain many skills about leadership.

In addition, leadership can build up responsibility. Prestige a leader will earn when group win prize, while blame a leader will get when the work of group fail. Leader is the one who is supposed to take the most responsibility for the success and failure of a group. After understanding that the leader is responsible for the whole group, that leader could get stressed and become responsible even though he was not responsible at all before. For instance, I used to be a lazy girl far from responsible, but in one debate competition, I was selected to be the leader and it was that day I felt the burden on my shoulder then I became a responsible person.

Last but not the least, the leader in one group is most likely to get promoted. The lion’s share of contribution is from the leader, which help the leader stand out from that group. We all taken it granted that the capacity of a leader can be easily revealed by his group, thus when a group win success, it is the leader who is the most shining in that group, which of course, it is the reason why a leader could be more easily noticed and then get promoted than others. Zhang Xiaolong, for example, the leader of the group which created QQ-mail, was promoted to be the vice chairman in Tencent Company after the success of QQ-mail.

Admittedly, there are truly some defaults about being a leader in one group. The busiest in the group, the leader is always the most stressed. What’s more, a leader cannot be so close to his college compared to the members. However, those disadvantages could be ignored when compared with its advantages. All in all, after detailed consideration, my selection of this question is still the leader.

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