jobs in youth

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jobs in youth

While in some countries it is permitted for students to have jobs, in other countries it is not. There may be variety of opinions about teenagers’ working and also there may be a lot of pros and cons we should take into account. Nonetheless, in my opinion, I am totally convinced that youth should not have job and concentrate on studying in school. I will provide several reasons to validate my stance in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, if students have their jobs, they will spend less time on studying in school. For instance, suppose that a high school student works in restaurant only two hours every day. Only two hours work per day deprive him of as much as fourteen hours in a week. If he/she spends the fourteen hours on reviewing what have taught in the school, he/she will be able to enter universities with higher reputation and have successful careers. Hence, teenagers should allocate their time to learning instead of working

Second, teenagers who have jobs and are paid tend to spend much money for themselves. For instance, I have a friend who had a part-time job at a bookstore when he was a high school student. Since he was paid 500 dollars every month, he was always buying what he wanted, even if some of them are not useful at all. As this example shows, working in youth causes them to spend much money and to depreciate the value of money.

Last but not least, teenagers with jobs put themselves at risk of being involved in crimes. I have seen the news that some teenagers was arrested because they worked on transporting contraband goods into Japan. According to the report, they did not understand what they did contravened the law. As the new illustrates, teenagers are sometimes innocent to the rule in the country so they are more likely to breach the laws in the country unintentionally.

All in all, although there are some good points for student to work while going to school, in my conclusion, the bad effects outweigh the points. Working in youth make the young spend less time on learning, depreciate the value of money and put them at risk of being involved in crimes for the reasons I mentioned above.

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