Health Conscious

TOEFL Essay Topic 164 - People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Health Conscious

Since we were born to this world,there are many things that we want and we need to keep our life became easy and happy.Sometimes money and friends can bring happiness to our life.But,do we ever think what is the most important things that can contribute to our happier life?What is the best things to have before we can do something ?For sure,health is the icing of the cake.Without health,you can do nothing even to create the happiness to our life but this will just increase the burden of our life and surrounding people.Nowadays,many people are becoming health conscious.I do agree with this statement .Why do people becoming health conscious nowadays ?

Firstly,the health conscious is due to the increasing rate of obesity and illness.Increasing of the rate of obesity and illness have create a global changing of worst lifestyle to the better one. It is a bitter pill to swallow for certain people to know that they need to change their bad lifestyle to the better one but most of them can move with the wave to alter their life style.Majority of the people in the world became aware in keeping a good lifestyle to avoid illness and uncomfortable life through a few important ways such as eating healthy food and exercise.Jogging and yoga is one of the most popular exercise among people.So,now we know that increasing rate of obesity and illness can change people thinking of their health.

Next,the trend of healthy life may influence the health conscious among people.As time pass,many people start to follow the trend of healthy life which are just hitting the stride.Many organization in certain country had organized a campaign to change the mind of people who are involving in bad lifestyle.Many of the organizations not just introduced the ways of good lifestyle but also give services where they will help to train bad lifestyle’s people to change.As the result ,many people start to become more healthy and once again creating a global trend of healthy lifestyle which contribute to the increasing of healthy people.

Lastly,health conscious also been created because of the development of many recreational site or park.Many country had develop many comfortable and safe recreational park to give the chance for the people to have exercise without any worries.The gym also have been built for those who want to have a private exercise time.As many of exercise site have been built,more people encounter themselves to do a lot of exercises and keep the body to have clean bill of health.This will also increase the communicate skills that will also to elevation of good health.

As the conclusions,an apple a day keep the doctor away.We do really need to keep our body healthy level at the highest so that we can do anything and everything which will contribute to more happy and comfortable life.Never think hard to change but a single step to change the bad lifestyle will make the life worth.

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