the reason why studying abroad is chosen.

TOEFL Essay Topic 168 - Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

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the reason why studying abroad is chosen.

Nowadays, education plays an important role in our life successful. Most of students want to take a good education, therefore, studying abroad is one of the most efficient way. For the sake of discussion, I argue that there are three reasons why studying oversea is increasingly chosen by students.

Firstly, it should be recognized that studying oversea is an efficient way for students who want to encounter new culture. What I mean is that when you study in another country, you will have chance to live in this culture and maybe understand this culture deeply. On the contrary, should you study in your own country, you can only read about this culture without having chance to understand deeply it. The reason is that you do not live with people here , whereas the best way to understand one culture is that live in this country.

Secondly, another reason is that students, who live in a poor education country, will achieve a better education and get a good job for the future. Most of employers want to hire employees who graduate from universities or colleges with a good reputation. It can be clearly seen that if a employer have to chose between person graduating from Harvard University and the one graduating from university that have bad education, he will chose the former.

Last but not least, lower institution also one of the most common reason that students chose to study oversea. A nation survey by the British Council which was held in 2014 shows that higher university tuition fees in the UK are inspiring more students to look at higher education options in other countries where fees can be much lower. About 57 per cent of UK respondents also said they had been inspired to consider overseas study by the significant rise in university tuition fees in the UK. This represents a 30 per cent increase on the proportion who gave the same response in the survey last year.

In conclusion, a thirst for encountering new culture, a desire to have a good education and lower institution are three main motivation that students want to study abroad.

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