A good boss

TOEFL Essay Topic 18 - What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

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A good boss

Today increasing attention is placed on leadership. When it comes to the issue of what characters that supervisors should have, we find that different people have different opinions. I believe there is no correct answer, but as far as I am concernd, I would difinitely state that honesty and independence are the most required qualities for managers. I will try to examine the specific reasons for this below, which I think are common viewpoints nowadays.

First, let us look at one of the most important factors for managers to run a business successfuly: keep good relationships with others, including employees, executives, and customers. Honesty is key to maintain them. In the other words, it is impossible without reliability. There is a perfect example to prove that honesty makes a boss succeed. When I was working at an accounting firm, there was a manager who did not have a license of accounting. He is really honest and it made him popular at the company. Althogh unlicensed people had difficulties to get promotion at the company, he was promoted to an executive manager. I thought it was because of his personality. Almost all people who knew him at the company and even his customers were willing to work with him. This fact made the directors a decision to promote him.

Apart from the point I made above, there is also a more subtle factors regarding good managers that we must spare a thought for, namely independence. Independent people tend to have qualities to be successful, such as mature, storong, and intelligent. On the other hand, dependent people cannnot be successful. If a boss is a dependent person, he may be worried about many things that are not important for business and can not make decisions that supervisors should do. These makes a lot of problems to the company. I have a friend who is dependent. He always talk about his daily concerns, such as his personal relationship issues and his family problems. He is one of my good friends but I do not want to work with him, actually. I am sure that many people do not want to work with such a person, too.

Admittedly, just as the prevalent English proverb goes, “so many men, so many opinions,” so there are also people have differenet views about an ideal supervisor. However, taking into accout of the factors I have made above, we can safely reach the conclusion that honesty and independence are the most required qualities for managers.

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