What event makes a person an adult?

TOEFL Essay Topic 166 - People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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What event makes a person an adult?

Nowadays, many different events can help people that feel to be adult and perhaps not same for anyone. From my point of view, there is three way for this issue. In many of country when a person will be adult that he or she has 18 years old. In addition, graduate of university is great factor for that. Also, marriage is important event for be adult. In the following paragraphs i will try to explain my position more clearly.

First, in the many country, when a child becomes eighteen years old, he or she legally become an adult. In this period, person makes decision, though not always, independently for his/her problems and try to don’t involve parent in his/her decision. In the developed country, most of young people separated from their families and start a new life. However, they will face many difficulties that they never think that before, but these cause that they become familiar with new world.

Second, graduate from university is another big turning point for a person. University not only help they that learn academic lessons but also lead to they gain lots of life skill, such as; analyzing skill, language skill, sociability skill. These skill causes they easier solve problems, as well as, have suitable social relationship in the society. Furthermore, after graduated from university provides a context that they find a suitable job. Whiteout a doubt, all of these factors helps them to have independent life.

Finally, marriage is also a big event for anyone. You before get marriage don’t have any special goal and think more about yourself. While marriage change your attitude and improves your thinks. That not only influences on your life but also imposes much responsibility for you. You must make decision wisely in life because your decision has direct impact on the person that you are interested in him. As well, your responsibility will be increase when your baby is born and you’ll have more motivation for living.

Summarizing the said above I want to admit that age arises your independent, graduated from university improves your skills, marriage and born baby create more responsibility and you will have many stimulate to try.

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