TOEFL Essay Topic 164 - People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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It is incontrovertible that nowadays, people live longer, but why is that? To answer this question, lots of factors can be considered. I, personally, believe that two of them are the most important ones. First, the development in medical science has been significant. Second, people’s knowledge about food has increased.

In the past century, the medical science has reached its apex. First, lots of diseases which used to be believed to be fatal have been cured recently. Most of them are not real threats to human beings anymore. For example, the chicken pox which used to be a mortal disease in a century ago has become completely curable recently. Second, doctors have become more knowledgeable today. Every year, many adroit doctors graduate from great universities. However, in the past, many of them did not use to attend professional schools to gain the required knowledge to heal people. They used to cure people with regard to their own experience. For instance, they used to mix some different herbs and plants to make various cures for sick people.

Recently, the general knowledge of people about different kinds of food has changed. First, in the past they used to eat whatever they could find because finding food did not use to be as easy as it is today. For example, they used to eat some poisonous plants and mushrooms which cause them to die. However, today, most people know which food is suitable for eating and which one is not. Second, nowadays, people know how to preserve different types of food very well. While, in the past, few preservation processes were available, so food could easily become decayed. As a result, it led those people who had eaten it to get poisoned, and subsequently, to die.

All in all, it is an undeniable fact that people live longer in comparison to the past, and I, strongly, believe that it is a valuable triumph for human beings. Lots of factors have contributed to this achievement which two of them are the most crucial ones. First, the development in medical science has been outstanding. In addition, general knowledge about diverse kinds of food has increased.

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