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GRE Essay Topic 207 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The primary goal of technological advancement should be to increase people`s efficiency so that everyone has more leisure time."

Author: windywinter | Date: July 14, 2015 | Score:5.5

The revolution of technology so rapidly promoted the efficiency of human society that now we can spend more time on entertainment, social interactions, humanity and arts that have no utilities to industry. As an example, the industrialization of industry indeed liberated countless workers who cou...

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We are in the advent of the 21st century where a gamut of seemingly petty tasks of our daily lives to the most complex and important funcitons are being dominated by technology. The statement suggests that the attempt for technology to simplify our lives is an apparition to the what it actually does that is make it more complicated. I believe that while technology might complicate certain aspects of our lives, it does more to simplify than leave us to bite the dust.

As humans, we long for social interactions and, more often than not when the sitaution arises, even depend on our community and culture to help us. Before the invention of any form communication system, be it the telegraph or the telephone or even the mobile phones we have glued to our hands, the reach of our networking would be parochial to our immediate surroundings. Technology has pushed us by leaps and bounds with respect to this very basic need of our lives to the point that we can globally connect with anyone at any point in time. We are able to not only connect with people we desire to at our whims and fancies, but technology also provides us with information regarding what's happening across the globe. The Internet, Mobile phones, Tablets and other gadgets have all helped us to stay connected our near and dear ones but also with the latest updates in any field be it politics, sports, medicine, education and so on.

This particular feature of technology to penetrate through the unthinkable barriers has greatly benefitted mankind. Take the GRE for example, years before one had to travel to limited centralized locations and appear for the exam on paper and wait for a considerable amount of time before knowing how they performed. Now, thanks to technology one is able to give tests electronically and receive their marks immediately. This has greatly improved decision taking capabilities as we are able to get results immediately.

As with the simplicities it offers in life, technology does have a tendency to create convoluted solution when not required. Since technology does not have a mind of its own and has to be programmed, it could provide the silliest solutions to something so trivial. For instance, say you want to order a meal, and there is a bug in the system. You might have ordered your meal but still remain hungry as the order might not have been updated at the Food outlet and you have no knowledge of this either.

To sum it up, technology has significantly improved our lifestyle and made it simple in terms of networking, travelling, education and even the trivial things of life. Although, it does throw in the unexpected fireball our way, when it fails to apply 'common sense', and complicate situations unnecessarily, it has to be, like in the case of a child, put on the right track by it's master - that being us.

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