Artist not critic

GRE Essay Topic 313 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "It is the artist, not the critic,* who gives society something of lasting value." *a person who evaluates works of art, such as novels, films, music, paintings, etc.

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An artist is the creator of an artistic work, which is not the forte of everyone. Any work of art, like novels, films, music, paintings etc. are of great value to the society that appreciates it. However, there are critics as well who evaluate these works of art in detail and expose all aspects o...

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In my opinion, one's childhood age is so important, but it is not the most. So I do not with agree this statement as a whole. We should think that every person has a different story behind his/her.
Firstly, each person grows up in a different family or culture. While some have good conditions of life, some have not. For example, if a child grew up in a family that has much more opportunities for their kids, definitelly he/ she will be succesful in her/ his future.

Second, in addition to my opinions that are explanied above, and also one of the most important thing is being a hard-working all time even if he/ she confronts with obtacles. I mean person's personalty is mostly important.

In conclusion, childhood term is ımportant, but person can do a lot of things to improve or successed her/ his whole life. He/ she should believe in herself/himself. Anybody should not gıve up her/his dreams because all dreams come true sooner or later. İf we look at our around we may see enormuosly success stories. In general, succesfull people have much more difficulties, obtacles or impossibilities during the their whole life, from childhood to adulthood. Secret is being ambitions, self-confidince and also firstly human who is nice, kind, helpful, reliable, e.t.c.

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