GRE Essay Topic 837 - Claitown University needs both affordable housing for its students and a way to fund the building of such housing. The best solution to this problem is to commission a famous architect known for experimental and futuristic buildings. It is common knowledge that tourists are willing to pay money to tour some of the architect's buildings, so it can be expected that tourists will want to visit this new building. The income from the fees charged to tourists will soon cover the building costs. Furthermore, such a building will attract new students as well as donations from alumni. And even though such a building will be much larger than our current need for student housing, part of the building can be used as office space. Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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Affordable housing is very important in universities as students generally have low budgets. According to the author, the best solution to tackle this situation would be to build ostentatious building and generate income from tourist, students and alumni. However on a closer examination one can easily find some major flaws and lack of coherency in the argument.

The author initially proposes that the university should commission a famous architect who is known for experimental and furistic building. But the author does not give examples of previous work done by the architect.Were those works successful and meet the expectations of the clients? What was the budget of these projects? Does the architect have any prior experience of designing building aimed for students? Housing needs of a student generally different then those of a family. Thus the author should provide the reader with some facts in order in clarify these queries

The author then goes on to list some of the ways by which the university can overcome the building cost. To start with, the author claims that tourist are willing to visit “some” of the buildings designed by the architect. So the question arises what about the other building, Are there any faults in those building which dissuade the tourist from visiting these building. What if these issues occur with university building and If the university plans to cover the building cost by the income generated from the tourist fees, then the universty might have to face a serious loss. Also the author should give a rough idea how long will it take to recover the cost from tourist fees.

The author is also optimistic that this building will receive donations from the alumni. But in order to persuade the reader, the author should provide some statistics of the donation received in the past, how willing are they to contribute to the university. The author also thinks that this fancy building will delineate the university with good infrastructure and attract new students. But infrastructure is not the only criteria which the student will keep in mind while selecting a university. Area of interest,Faculty, fees are some of the major factors that are considered along with infrastructure.

Using the extra space for offices is not a bad idea, but some other factors must be considered before opting for such a decision. Housing and office in the same building can be troublesome for both the parties. Also what happens to the current offices is a question not answered by the author.

To sum up, the argument might seem logical on the surface but a closer examination of the argument reveals many problems, assumptions drawn are weak and not supported by examples or facts. I believe if the author can come up with some examples and surveys, the housing problem can be solved by this idea.

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