Factory’s effect

TOEFL Essay Topic 5 - A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

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If a huge factory is constructed near my city by a company, people in the city will get a lot of money by selling daily demands to many customers who work at the factory. On the other hand, citizens will be annoyed at the noise and pollution made by the factory. All in all, I disagree with the fa...

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Weekly money for children Score: 4.5 November 18th, 2017 by keyie

In order to help children to adapt the ruthless society in the future, modern parents try to help their children to get several useful skills such as punctuality and money management. Under this background, some people acclaims that they should give their children weekly money to buy something they would like to buy because this could develop their children’s money management unintentionally, while others believe that it also could cause a great number of bad habits for their children. In my opinion, I believe that the later perspective is more reasonable.

There is no denying that parents could not sure what do their children use by the money. In other words, children have a terrible self-control and self-conscious abilities. Mostly, they could not make a really good use of the money that parents give them. For example, with the development of science and technology, the invention of several advanced electronic devices definitely has brought about a great convenience and entertainment for modern people, especially the computer game. The attractive plot and realistic visuality make the children immerse themselves. Due to this way, the runners of some big computer game companies would like to catch the business. They create some strong characters and some powerful skills of these characters in the game, but it is no free. Thus, children who get money weekly from their parents are more likely to lose themselves on the games, and they just put most part of money on these affordable games. It is disastrous for their study. Their attention would be scattered by these fascinating games.

It is evident that giving children weekly money is not helpful to have a good habit of money management. In contrast, children would be more dependent upon their parents. Their parents give them money on time so that they never concern about the money. Even though they come into the society and should be dependable, they still could not be capable of earning their own money. Compared with these children, those whose parents did not give them money punctually will be more willing to reduce the burden of the whole family.

Admittedly, some dissenters would disputes that giving weekly money is pretty a advisable and reasonable way for parents to help their children to know the importance of money management, as long as they monitor and take care more of their children behavior. With a cautious discussion and deliberation, we are able to know that it is impossible for parents to monitor their children’s behavior all the time. Mostly, they would stay in school, and their parents pay more attention to their works. Therefore, this statement is still unfeasible.

All in all, giving children weekly money is not a reasonable and effective means to help them to have a good money management. As far as I am concerned, the majority of work that students should do is study. They should get enough skills and accumulate enough experience during their school time, and they are bound to have these significant skills unconsciously.

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