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GMAT Essay Topic 433 - The following appeared in a speech delivered by a member of the city council. "Twenty years ago, only half of the students who graduated from Einstein High School went on to attend a college or university. Today, two thirds of the students who graduate from Einstein do so. Clearly, Einstein has improved its educational effectiveness over the past two decades. This improvement has occurred despite the fact that the school's funding, when adjusted for inflation, is about the same as it was twenty years ago. Therefore, we do not need to make any substantial increase in the school's funding at this time." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The argument’s conclusion is that there is no need to increase Einstein school’s funding at this time. The author’s conclusion is based on the fact that as more number of Einstein school’s students join college today than they joined twenty years ago and there wasn’t much increase in funding for school. So school in future doesn’t need substantial funding. This argument has two major flaws.

First, the author doesn’t explain what does he mean by educational effectiveness. If educational effectiveness means how many students of school enroll in college then Einstein school has improved on educational effectiveness. But if educational effectiveness means over all development of children by school. For example if educational effectiveness includes fitness of students and if many students at Einstein school are not fit then school hasn’t improved much on educational effectiveness front. Even if it accepted that Einstein school is educationally effective author fails to establish causal relationship between funding and educational effectiveness.

Second, the author doesn’t rule out other sources of income for a school. It might be possible that Einstein school increased it’s fees substantially to cop up with expenses for last twenty years. The argument doesn’t rule out other cases which require funding. For example if the students in the last five years are facing crowding in classes and so new classes have to be built. Money required to built new classes can’t be obtained by fees because fees are already high in such cases it is necessary to increase funding substantially.

To sum up this argument is weak because it doesn’t rule out other possibilities in which funding is required. To strengthen the argument the author should make it clear what does he mean by educational effectiveness. Information regarding various sources of income for school would help evaluate the argument.

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