Protected land

TOEFL Essay Topic 181 - In your country, is there more need for land to be left in its natural condition or is there more need for land to be developed for housing and industry? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Protected land

My country is the biggest country in the world there is a lot of land and not many people. I think that two opposite problems such as protecting land in natural condition and developing new places can be solved in my country together. A lot of land can be left in its natural condition, but for developing the economy we need to develop land for industry and housing.

In my country, there are several big national parks with a large territory of pristine nature. It is very important to save places in its natural conditions, because of the needs of future generations and nature’s safety. It is obvious now that presence of people is harmful for the ecosystem and environment. When people come to a new land they use a living space of animals, insects and plants. Also, people extract resources of that place and contaminate the soil, water and air. As a result of these actions some species may become extinct, and there can be some unpredictable consequences for the ecosystem. That is why places such as national parks or recreation areas should be protected.

As for the second problem, in my country the task of developing new land has been very important for ages. At the beginning of discovering a new land, there was a need for resources, but now in modern economy there is a new aims such as creation of technology industries or developing tourism. There is example in my country, in the big region there is an art territory, there artists can build a big art objects; this is very attractive for tourists and good for regions economy.

In conclusion, national parks should stay highly protected, for keeping nature to be safe from human activity. And if people want to live in prosper country, they need to develop economy with resources they have, in the example with my country it is a lot of land.

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