Parent’s participation in school education policies

GRE Essay Topic 323 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "To guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students` parents must be actively involved in defining the schools` educational policies."

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Parent’s participation in school education policies

The issue here is regarding the importance of parents active participation in the development of educational policies for quality education in primary and secondary schools. I feel that the involvement of parents will help the schools run based on the educational policies defined by the government.

A parent’s involvement will help in defining educational policies favourable for a his childhood, he would experienced so many deterrent factors that him suffer having a quality education.also as a father of a child he knows the changes to be incorporated unordered to make sure that his child receives a quality schools parent’s meetings are organised on a consistent basis to have a discussion about the child’s progress and also to receive feedback from the parents.for example grading system has been defined as a policy to evaluate a student’s performance.based on the grades the student has achieved, he is eligible to pursue a carrier in a respective field . Too much importance has been given to the grading system.the seriousness of the situation came into picture only when it has been escalated by the parents

Hence the involvement of parents in the child’s education help in the betterment of primary and secondary education which in turn helps in the improve not of child’s future.

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