World theme park

GMAT Essay Topic 524 - The following appeared in a corporate planning memorandum for a company that develops amusement parks. "Because travel from our country to foreign countries has increased dramatically in recent years, our next project should be a World Tour theme park with replicas of famous foreign buildings, rides that have international themes, and refreshment stands serving only foods from the country represented by the nearest ride. The best location would be near our capital city, which has large percentages of international residents and of children under the age of 16. Given the advantages of this sit e and the growing interest in foreign countries, the World Tour theme park should be as successful as our Space Travel theme park, where attendance has increased tenfold over the past decade." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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World theme park

In this argument, the author concludes that a World tour theme park that is situated close to the Capital city would be as successful as the Space Travel theme park. This conclusion is based on the premise that there has been a dramatic increase in foreign travel in the recent years and that the Capital city has the largest international population and has children under the age of 16.
The above conclusion drawn from the above premises is not very strong and is unjustified. The reasons are explained below.

Firstly, The author states that the travel has increased to foreign countries and this fact can be capitalized by starting a world theme park. Considering that the world park would be exclusively used by the people who still live in the country and not by the people who are away, it would make logical sense to build an amusement park that would cater to the local people who have little or no exposure to foreign countries. Hence, building a world theme park makes little sense here if the objective is to increase attendance and make profit.

Secondly, The world theme park’s location is determined to be close to the city with more international residents and children. No evidence has been provided establishing the relation between international residents or children and their taste in amusement park, let alone a world theme park. The assumption here that the international residents would be more inclined to visit amusement park that is based on foreign countries is weak and calls for questioning. Furthermore, Children under the age of 16 are expected to have the least exposure to foreign countries and hence to assume that someone with little or no awareness of something would enjoy that something is illogical.

Finally, the argument mentions Space theme park and states that it has been very successful since its inception ten years ago. There is a similarity drawn between World theme park and Space theme park in that the World theme park would be as successful as the Space theme park. This conclusion is baseless since no evidence has been provided to establish the similarity between the World theme park and Space theme park. It can be inferred from the names that a Space theme park is also a theme park and hence if any, world theme park, being a theme park as well, will only be affecting the profits of Space theme park by drawing some of its customers.

In conclusion, the arguments above leaves many questions unanswered and cannot be evaluated fully and correctly without addressing the missing information and concerns above. This argument can be strengthened if it were to provide statistical details about the type, age,taste, and geographical details of the current patrons of the amusement park and establish how these information will lead to the conclusion drawn above based on logical reasoning. As it stands now, the above argument is unconvincing and open to debate.

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