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IELTS Essay Topic 989 - The benefits of computers to modern society far outweigh the disadvantages. Discuss.

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We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers.Some people think that using computers is better than refusing to use them while others have a different opinion.I believe that using a computer is more convenient.This is because computers are fast to deal with database and easily search information.

It is clear that using a computer helps workers calculate tremendous data quickly. With the development of technology, programmers need to count amount of database for their research. However, if programmers continue to apply their ability of mental arithmetic or some traditional tools, their research will be wasted much time and human resource that mean spending more budget. As a result, computers are capable of calculating the consequences accurately and fast. It is not humanly possible to count so quickly. That is the reason why some scientific magazines evaluate that the computer is one of the greatest inventions of 20th century. Computers make the complex compute become briefness.

In addition, computers aid in searching information and save spaces to keep many files. Computers are built up fixed disk so different documents are put in relative hard disks that message is easily to find. This way is different from traditional method about saving documents. For instance, in the past time, when an employer wants to understand the information about an employee, he or she need to go to human resource office and find paper for a long time. By contrast, nowadays as the leader just sits in front of a computer, enters in it and clicks archive log, all the staff information appears on the screen. Meanwhile, computers provide large capacity to storage different material that companies do not need to establish document offices. Maybe these spaces can be rebuilt staff rest room which improve working environment.

In a nut shell using computers is more convenient and efficient. That is why I love operating my computer in my daily life. Truly knowing how to use a computer is a working skill in society.

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