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GMAT Essay Topic 550 - The following is a memorandum to the president of the EZ-Manufacturing Company from the manager of cafeteria services. "Offering pizza in our cafeteria has proved extremely profitable. To further increase our profits from pizza sales, we should switch to PDQ Pizzeria to supply our pizza. PDQ pizza was twice voted the ?best pizza' in the neighboring town of Hamiltonia in an online survey of Hamiltonia Gazette readers. The PDQ branch in our town sells pizzas for only slightly more than our cafeteria currently does and offers free daily delivery. Switching to PDQ Pizza will clearly improve satisfaction with our cafeteria and hence increase the cafeteria's profits." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The author claims that public transportation system should be improved, he justifies this claim with many reasons in a proposal to the city council. The argument is flawed because it relies on unfounded assumptions to reach a conclusion that is not supported by the evidence.First, the author ...

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In a memorandum to the EZ manufacturing company the manager claims that the cafeteria
should switch to the PDQ pizza so that it will improve customer satisfaction and the cafeterias profits.
For the manager to reach this conclusion,he presents certain premises which appear to be convincing at a glance,
but at closer look these are severely flawed and are based on dubious assumptions.

Firstly, in order to support the claim that the cafeteria should switch to the pdq pizza,it is stated that the cafeteria has
proved extremely profitable in offering pizza. This premise is too vague since we do not know how many people actually order pizza
and it might not be the pizza which contributed to the profits but the drinks or the ice-creams which customers bought after they had pizza.
May be there was a college or a software company that was recently set up in that locality which might have increased the profits of the company
as youngsters and employees frequently visit the cafeteria.

Secondly, the manager pins down another premise to support his conclusion that the cafeteria should switch to the PDQ pizzeria to supply pizzas as
PDQ was twice voted the best pizza. I find this premise has opened gates for debate as any company wont supply pizzas to other cafes because it loses
its brand , recognition and sales. If they were to sell pizzas to other small cafes they would do so at very high rates which the small cafes can't afford
and even if they could afford they should sell the pizzas at cheaper rates which would ultimately bring down their profits.
Additionally it is mentioned that PDQ pizza was twice voted the best in an online survey. It is not convincing as there are no statistic reports
regarding the survey or the years in which it was voted the best. We do not have any evidence of neither the number of people who were surveyed
nor the ratio of people who voted for and against the PDQ pizza. As we are unaware of the years in which this was voted the best which may be
before many years from now , so we cannot simply conclude that PDQ pizza is the best in town now.

Finally, the manager supports his conclusion that the PDQ pizza sells pizzas for only slightly more than the cafeteria currently does and offers free
delivery utterly fails under two respects. One is the quality , brand or the strong customer base that PDQ has which is why it is selling at a higher price
and as it recently opened a branch in this town maybe people in the town might move to the PDQ for pizza rather than purchasing at the cafeteria.
The other is that the pizza which is currently being sold at cafeteria might have a better taste than the PDQ , so in such a case switching to PDQ would
be not profitable and will loose the loyal customers finally affecting the cafes profits.

In sum, as it stands the manager's argument is weak. To strengthen it the director should provide the clear cut differences between the
pizzas sold at cafe and those at PDQ and should also provide the statistical evidence about the online survey. To better assess the argument the manager
should produce the budget report of the cafes which helps in knowing the profits increased due to the pizzas and the percentage increase.

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