should higher education be available to all

TOEFL Essay Topic 54 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One should never judge a person by external appearances. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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should higher education be available to all

When it come to the issue that different people have different opinions . some people believe that higher education should be available for every student, but other think it is not necessary for every person. In my opinion different people have different abilities and capacity thereby I oppose this idea. I base my views on the following reasons.

First of all, people don`t have equal capacities and their abilities are very different. Some people don`t like formal education. Their characteristic is not appropriate for classes and homework. Suppose that a people have ability of art or sport, he don`t have to join formal education. In addition governments have to do something for this issue. Because, high school or university education is very expensive. It is vast of time for this capable person. Also more important problem is that they can make more practice and training instead of unnecessary education partition. On the other hand higher education don`t contribute and beneficial knowledge for their occupation. Also they can lose their abilities during the education period.

Secondly, in my country there is a famous assumption. If children have an ability of commerce, their families don`t let children go to school because there are more money in business world. I think it is very good idea they begin in their early life. Thus they can reach more success and make more experiences. On the other hand there are many examples of this situation in business world. A person who begins to trade in early years is more famous and prominent personal. Success brings more success. In my opinion the earlier you begin to trade, the more you are able to successful.

Last but not least, high schools and universities can give more qualify education for students? less students mean is less problem and teachers and lecturers pay more attention for students. They can attend more competition around the universities. Their studies have more specific detail and professors be interest every study enough.

Consequently, I believe that higher education isn’t being necessary because different people have different ability and capacity and every person has their free will and they can make decision freely. Also they can do some different beneficial things for their selves except education.

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