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GRE Essay Topic 812 - The following appeared in the editorial section of an educational publication. "One study at Lee University found that first-semester grades of teenage students who had always attended public, tax-supported schools were slightly lower than the grades of students who had received some home schooling instruction by parents at home, although the grade differences disappeared in the second semester. These results suggest that home schooling is the best way to educate teenage children. Therefore, instead of spending more money on public education, the government should provide financial incentives so that home schooling is an option for more parents. After all, children schooled at home receive more attention, since they are taught by the best possible teacher: a parent who has a high stake in educating them well. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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The article claims that home schooling could be better for teenage children and government ought to encourage public to use this way of education. To support this claim it provides a research of teenage students’ first term success. However, it relies on some unsubstantiated assumptions because there is no specific data and information about research. Moreover, this research could be coincidence because this kind of research ought to include a long term and many experiments. In addition, it is odd to claim that all parents are suitable to teach due to their education level, skills, free time and so forth. My arguments for these points are listed as follows.

Firstly, the writer does not provide any certain data and information about the research. He or she claims that the research has some propositions, yet they are not supported by means of specific data. What percent of the students is included in that research and how much of them give the same results and so on. All claims seem up in the air and they are far away from being convincing for us. The author states that there is a difference. Yet it could be slight and we can neglect it due to benefits of regular schools. Moreover, it is not mentioned that how many students’ families are volunteer to take part in this sorts of changing and so on. The author ought to ensure some data and detailed information about research.

Secondly, the research should include a long term because every term can yield different results due to diverse factors. The writer provides some information about the research, yet it seems that it include single term. What is more, even though he or she states something about its results, it is ambiguous what does it contains and so on. The research may include a few students who could be good at home schooling and bad at regular schools. Moreover, the different could be slight and it can be many other explanations.

Thirdly, parents could be inappropriate to take part in this project owing to the fact that they may not have sufficient time, education, skills and so on. For instance, educating someone else requires teachers t have some talents and enough training. Nevertheless, this is impossible for parents. That is why, some students could be dragged to the edge of a steep cliff after implementation of this suggestion, without doubt. Furthermore, a parent might not have appropriate characteristic traits and he or she can cause some scars on teenage children’s psychology.

Last but not least, taking into account of all we have been discussing above palpable boils down that this article has some unsubstantiated assumptions which render it to unconvincing condition.

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