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GRE Essay Topic 894 - The following article appeared in a recent issue of a college newspaper. "Among all students who graduated from Hooper University over the past five years, more physical science majors than social science majors found permanent jobs within a year of graduation. In a survey of recent Hooper University graduates, most physical science majors said they believed that the prestige of Hooper University's physical science programs helped them significantly in finding a job. In contrast, social science majors who found permanent employment attributed their success to their own personal initiative. Therefore, to ensure that social science majors find permanent jobs, Hooper University should offer additional social science courses and hire several new faculty members who already have national reputations in the social sciences. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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In this newspaper article, the writer recommends enhancing capacity of psychical science students because Hooper University has great fame in this realm. Students get benefit from this situation and take a permanent job within one year. However, the article relies on some unsubstantiated assumpti...

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Misconception of Students Score: 3.5 July 25th, 2012 by

The argument states that all students who graduated from Hooper University over the past five years, more physical science majors than social science majors found permanent jobs within a year of graduation .
This statement appears true to be at first glance but it rather appears false logically. It is based more on guesswork rather than on exact findings.

Firstly,the two courses are totally different and cannot be compared through. For example - physical science is related to well being of the body where as social science concerns with norms in society.
Therefore it is totally useless to compare these two courses. People these days are more concenred abouth their health.

Secondly, the reason can be that where the social science students were looking for jobs may be there were shortage of jobs in that region relating to their work. Physical science students attracted jobs because,people these days are becoming more conscious about thier health. Whereas for social science people tend to learn from others how they are behaving in society.

In addition,it may be due to the project taken by social science students.may be they didn't take sufficient projects to show their skills whereas physical science students excelled in this particular field.
Since, physicla science students undergo many project related work they came to know about the details of their work which helped them in finding jobs quickly.

In summary, the recommendation is unconvincing for the reasons above.
To better evaluate the suggestion, social science majors must provide adequate examples to prove their point of view. Also, to solve the problem, he or she must take other factors into consideration.

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