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GRE Essay Topic 881 - The following recommendation was made by the Human Resources Manager to the board of directors of the Fancy Toy Company. "In the last three quarters of this year, under the leadership of our president, Pat Salvo, our profits have fallen considerably. Thus, we should ask for her resignation in return for a generous severance package. In Pat's place, we should appoint Rosa Winnings. Rosa is currently president of Starlight Jewelry, a company whose profits have increased dramatically over the past several years. Although we will have to pay Rosa twice the salary that Pat has been receiving, it will be well worth it because we can soon expect our profits to increase considerably. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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This author’s argument does not make a good sense. The decline in the profit of a company does not solely depends on the president of Company. Their are certain other factors like the market requirements, the labour’s capability and fineness of the work on which the company’s position depend. Without having a lucid reason the author can not blame to the Company’s President. Instead other reasons needs to be ponder.

It is not the assurance that by appointing other President the Company will attain a height in the market or flourish. The name and fame of any industry depends on the quality they provide on which the consumer can trust not on the name of its President. It is true that President capability and management is foremost important but it can not be denied that a Company can taste a success by having the contribution of every member. By co-operating and working as a whole in a team is helpful to very extent.

Furthermore by appointing a new President at twice payment is not worth especially when it is in a loss. Instead they could spend that amount in the direction which could prove beneficial. Resignation of the President may not be the absolute solution. Before reaching to any conclusion the author must see all other aspect.

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