GRE Essay Topic 251 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Patriotic reverence for the history of a nation often does more to impede than to encourage progress."

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The patriotism while moderated is a quite important thing for a nation, since when you are proud of your country you are able to push your boundaries in proll of it to make a better and better place to live, and thus, leading it to the progess. So, i surely disagree with the statement, thinking that pratriotism is a good way to develop a nation.

It’s important for a nation to look at the past and see the history of the country with kindly pround, cause once we have this, we can be sure that these people will fight for their rights, having a better sense of community and this national feeling that push the countries up, progressing in politics, economics and so on, since the people that are leadering these departments are motivated about the progress of the nation.

In the world, we are plenty of examples from countries where people are patriotics as USA, France and German.But on the other hand, in countries as Brazil we cannot feel this same patriotism and is one thing that is missing there. Called as Patriotism of the soccer shoes, is what we see over there, where the population just show their brazilian flags on the window when is time of world cup, after that they just hide them as well as their patriotism. I think thats a pretty bad thing for brazil, since the people is just proud of heir country in soccer games, and thus, a common thought is to abandon the country against to fight to make it better.

Examining all, the patriotism is an essencial tool for a nation. A nation that respect the past and further is proud of it, always gonna have a sense of community and rise people that will want to accresent for the country. So, i definetly agree with the idea that to be patriotic is a potencial tool for the progress of a nation.

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