GMAT Essay Topic 524 - The following appeared in a corporate planning memorandum for a company that develops amusement parks. "Because travel from our country to foreign countries has increased dramatically in recent years, our next project should be a World Tour theme park with replicas of famous foreign buildings, rides that have international themes, and refreshment stands serving only foods from the country represented by the nearest ride. The best location would be near our capital city, which has large percentages of international residents and of children under the age of 16. Given the advantages of this sit e and the growing interest in foreign countries, the World Tour theme park should be as successful as our Space Travel theme park, where attendance has increased tenfold over the past decade." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The argument that World tour theme park will be as successful as Space Travel theme park because of the increase in travel to the foreign countries is unsubstantiated as it omits some very necessary evidence to understand the conclusion more preciously. In the argument there is no clear idea of increase in the foreign travel, the theme park is only target certain segment rather than entire country and most importantly the conclusion that World tour park will be as successful as Space Travel park is very strong.

Firstly in the argument the new project will be establish a World Theme park as there is increase in the foreign travel from their own country, but it fails to provide the reason of the increase. For example the businessmen in the country is expanding their business internationally and for that purpose they have to travel a lot to the foreign counties. Moreover the countries media demand got increase any they required foreign location to make the better film.

Secondly the target group or segment for the theme is only the international residence and the children under 16 which is also not represent sufficiently for the success. For example international residence are the once who travel to their country more frequently and for that there is increase in the foreign travel then at that time there is no benefit of targeting this sector of the people. In case of the children, the parents mainly go visit with the child during their school holidays but for a few days as because the parents also have to take holiday and they cant afford a long holiday.

Finally the World tour park and the Space travel park are the two different parks from every aspect of factors. Moreover the theme parks cannot be comparable to each other as one is in the market for a decade where as other is in the planning stage. Therefore the conclusion that World Tour park will be as successful as Space Travel park is very strong.

In the conclusion the argument might have been more strengthened if it would have provide the reason of the increase of foreign travel, strategically targeting the customer for their theme park and giving the clear idea of the two themes competitiveness to be successful for the country.If the argument have provides the above mention idea then it would have more substantiated to the reader. Without these premises the argument is flawed and comes as a debate form to the reader.

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