TOEFL Essay Topic 151 - What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

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In Japan, where I live, many people think that television is not good for communication, and has even destroyed their communication. However, for the following reasons, I disagree with the statement that television has destroyed communication among friends and family.

First, television has allowed friends to have common topics to discuss. To give an example, in 1995 when I was a high school student, a good friend of mine, Yuichi, and I belonged to the same brass band club. We spent the majority of our time together in school, but I did not talk a lot with him because I hardly found any common topic to discuss with him except for our club activities. One day, however, he started speaking about a movie, Notting Hill, which was broadcast on AV the previous day. The movie is about a love story between a common British bookshop owner and an outstanding American actress. Yuichi was wondering about the name of the bookshop owner in the movie. Since I also watched this television program, I informed him that his name was William Thacker. From this conversation, we realized that both of us love movies, and had fun talking about our favorite movies for more than one hour. I felt that if we had not watched Notthing Hill on television, we might not have been able to talk a lot together. As the experience above illustrates, television is a good tool to provide common topics to discuss between friends.

Additionally, television has allowed family members to gather in one place and talk to one another. To give an example, when I stayed with a host family in Seattle for one year, I first had a hard time communicating with them because each family member spent most of their time in their rooms. As I wanted to change this situation, I decided to turn on the video in the living room right after supper and watched it there alone. Then, since I was laughing loudly at a television program, my host father and mother showed up and curiously asked me why I was laughing. Actually, I was watching a television comedy, Friends, and explained to them about how popular this comedy was in my country, Japan. I was then able to start talking about our ideas by watching television. This example shows that family members gather in one place to watch television and communicate with each other.

In conclusion, I definitely believe that friends and families can increase chances for communication by watching television.

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