GRE Essay Topic 403 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Encouraging young people to believe that they can accomplish great things if they try hard enough is both misleading and potentially harmful."

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Sometimes when things are tough and unpredictable, a simple push work.
Similarly, by motivating young people to achieve something, it help them to believe on thier abilities and outcomes of their actions. Therefore I disagree with the argument that encouraging young people result in misleading and harmful circumstances.

Imagine a person who have gone through tons of hardships and struggling to live a happy and healthy life. A little of encouragment work like a magic. For example, a young person affected by war and loss all of his family. In this case encouragment and motivation is the only tool keep the person back to normal life. It is no sense harm the person but instead it helps person to try harder.

By teaching the sense that the hardwork always pay off. People needs to be encourage to try their best and full. If young people don’t realize the importance of hardwork then they use other negative and illegal means to achieve their goals. For example, if a person have certian goal to live in well of conditions with all the necessaties of life available; a person with lack knowledge of hardwork will use some degoratory means e.g stealing money, impiging the right of other people. This is turn lead him into more trouble.

The things learn in the begnining of the life stays with the person forever. The young people are especially at that page, whatever is taught at this point it stays with them forever and they use same ideology throughout the life. If it is taught that working harder will lead to harmful circumstances then this may effect the person whole life in a negative way.

In conclusion, it can be said that hard work always bring positive outcomes if it is realized in the begnining of the life and during hard time. Moreover it safe young people and society from using negative means to achive thier goals of life.

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