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GMAT Essay Topic 617 - "The rise of multinational corporations is leading to global homogeneity * . Because people everywhere are beginning to want the same products and services, regional differences are rapidly disappearing." * homogeneity: sameness, similarity Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

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It is argued that the rise of multinational corporations causes global homogeneity. The evidence is that people all over the world are beginning to want to the same products and services, and regional differences are disappearing. But it is not true. Though technology and economics development bring more and more multinational corporations, regional differences still exist.

In the first place, those multination corporations do not produce identical products in different region. In fact, their products and services are different according to tastes of people in each area. Take Mcdonald`s for example, they delivery hamburgers all over the world, while tastes of their hamburgers are different from place to place. Chicken hamburgers sell good in China, while beef hamburgers sell good in US. Most Chinese do not like to eat Mcdonald`s in US and complain that tastes of hamburgers supplied in US are quite strange. Because Mcdonald`s make hamburgers to meet local people, their hamburgers can be popular all over the world.

In the second place, I have a counterexample. It is dangerous for the companies to suppose that people everywhere want the same products and services. The ShangMing used to be one of the biggest pocks supply in China. In order to expand to a multinational corporation, they brought more equipment, raised more pigs and supplied more pocks in lower price all over world. They supposed that people everywhere like to eat pocks as Chinese. If they supplied pocks of good quality in low price, their pocks will sell well all over the world. To their disappoint, most west people prefer beef to pocks and so pock consumption did not increase as they expected. Revenue of ShangMing could not cover the costs of their expansion and they broke down a half years later after their strategy was taken into effect.

From many multinational companies` experiences, we can see that the rise of multinational corporations do not cause global homogeneity. In fact, since different tradition and culture of each region can not disappear, people from different areas will not want same products and services.

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